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Downloading And Installing Node.js

There are loads of ways to download and install Node.js. One of them is to download it with an installer. Let’s do it in steps to make it simpler.

Step #1

The first thing you need to do is open the Node.js website. Then navigate to the download page. It will look something like this.

Node.js download page

Step #2

Here you can see that you have the LTS versions and the current version. Whatever version you will go with, you will also get the Node Package Manager (npm) with it.

If you are a Windows user, download the Windows installer of Node.js and install it then. If you are Linux or macOS user, find the appropriate installer and download it and install it. And that is it.

Wrapping Up

This way of installing Node.js is generally not considered the best way because Node.js is constantly getting updates. It would be a mess if you have to download and install Node.js, again and again, every time there is a new release. So to deal with it there are many Node Version Managers available that you can use.

Posted by Saad (It's a work in progress: Needs copy editing review by Awais.)